le monde de romy

Welcome to le monde de romy, a world dedicated to figurines, toys, stuffed animals and more.

Find the rare pearl among the many products of Disney, one piece, dragon ball, fairy tail, attack on titans, queen's blade, my little pony , hello kitty, bisounours, sailor moon...

Meet a joyful world.

Who are you Romy?

Her child's soul, Romy aka Claire, wears it every day. Her passion for figurines, plush toys and toys never leaves her. It is surrounded by bisounours, kikis, magic ponies, maneki neko and her favorite characters of anime and manga that she likes to find herself and take refuge.

For years, Romy has been travelling through France and the world in search of original or sometimes rare objects, and has accumulated finds in his fabulous treasure chest.

Now the professional Toy Hunter, Romy wants to share her treasures and infatuation with other enthusiasts and introduce her world to the uninitiated.

It is therefore quite natural that she decides to link the useful to the pleasant by opening her first online shop.

New products that are often not found in France

Experience and network for exceptional products

The years spent snooping, searching for and expanding her collection have allowed Romy to now own an impressive array of figurines, toys, plush toys, goodies and merchandise.

This passion leads her to constantly search for new objects of high quality often new, still packed and especially rarer than the others. Its products are directly imported from all over the world.

Over time Romy has forged a substantial network through which it can now offer a very wide selection of unique products and often not found in France.

Search for partners:

Always on the edge, we are constantly looking for partnerships. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Expert and a great collector, Romy carefully selects the products put on sale.

·Quality products: new or in very good condition

· Products sometimes not found in France

· Authentic products with year and publisher's name (except for creations, goodies...)

A quick look at some of the finds you could make there:

·Disney: Peluches, snowglobes, figurines, merchandising and various goodies.

· Kikis - Monchhichi: these beautiful kikis that rocked our childhood and still today by their colors, sizes, expressions...

· Figurines: Dragon Ball Z, Marvel , DC, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Zelda, Creamy Magic... Products derived from anime and manga often not found in France.

.The Care Bears - Bisounours: how not to melt in front of these teddy bears ... Tenderheart, Bedtime, Amigo, Daydream, in short the whole family is there and waiting for you for a little tenderness.

·Hello Kitty / Tsum Tsum, the Snow Queen/ My little Pony and so many others to discover ...

·The Maneki Neko - Daruma: these various Japanese lucky charms that brightened by their different meanings will bring you a lot of joy, zen attitude...