General Terms of Sale

Personalised Object Search

As explained in the animation you've certainly seen, Romy offers you to search for you the unique and/or untraceable pieces that are missing from your collection.

This personalized and unique service, however, is governed by certain rules specific to its nature.

(1)) Arrhes: You will have to pay Arrhes up to 30% of the purchase price - shipping of the ordered item. These deposits will be deducted from your final bill, which must be paid in full before Romy sends you the item. In case of withdrawal or cancellation, the deposit will not be refunded.

(2) Finder's fee: For any item ordered you will have to pay a finder's fee of 10% of the total amount of your purchase (price of the item - price of the port). The finder's fee is Romy's reward for searching, negotiating, ordering, clearing, verifying the integrity of the object, repackaged and shipped the item and if necessary makes the negotiations for you in case of malfeasance and as any work deserves salary, in case withdrawal or cancellation, finder's fee is not refundable.

3) Sending: Objects from a custom search will not be sent by Colissimo, Mondial Relay or other. For these items which are often rare and expensive we use our own carrier and insurance is mandatory. The shipping and insurance costs vary depending on the size, weight and value of the item, they will be communicated to you at the same time as the price of the item and included in the total price.

4) Price of the item: The price of the item that will be announced to you will include the sale price - the shipping to France - the customs fees. This price does not include the 10% finder's fee.

5) Takeover or exchange: Objects acquired through the personalized search service will not be taken back or exchanged.

6) Cancellation of order: any cancellation of an order once it has passed will result in the cancellation of the deposit and finder's fee. It will not be possible for you to claim the refund of the sums paid regardless of the reasons for the cancellation. Personalised research is a huge job and Romy can't afford to waste her time and energy for nothing. It is up to you as an adult responsible to be sure that you want and can afford this or that object.

7) Communication: All transactions are done by email or email and all messages without exception will be archived for 12 months and will be likely to be used in the event of a dispute.

8) Customer obligations: Any payment of deposit and finder's fee binds you by contract with Romy and implies that you have read, understood and accepted these terms. No one is supposed to ignore the terms of sale.

9) Seller's obligation: The Seller must communicate regularly with the buyer about the progress of the research, and once the deposit has been paid will do everything possible to inform the buyer of the deadlines and terms of importation, customs clearance, verification and re-shipment of the object. If an object ordered abroad was lost or broken between the original supplier and Romy's World, it will be up to the seller and at his own expense to recommend or manage with the service after sale the return of another object. In the event of a stock outage or a single item that cannot be replaced, the deposit will be fully returned. On the other hand the finder's fee will remain acquired to the seller for the work provided.

(10) Price change: It may sometimes be that between the time the price was announced and the price where the deposit was received, the price of the item increases due to a price fluctuation or just because of the original seller. In this case the price difference will be passed on to the final invoice. Any refusal to pay the difference on the final bill involves a breach of contract and the deposit and the finder's fee will not be refunded.